Example Puzzles from Mathe im Advent

Here you can find a small selection of 400+ "Mathe im Advent" exercises, that have been published. They cover different mathematical topics and teach useful applications of mathematics, the value of mathematical thought experiments, as well as the limits of routine calculations and the importance of constraints and prioritization in mathematical modeling.

The exercises are accompanied by a detailed solution and often by sections "The bigger picture" (explaining applications or cultural backgrounds), "Looking beyond the box" or "Mathematical Excursion" (explicating the introduced mathematical concept) or additional open questions "For further thought".

1) Invite All Your Friends! (grades 7-9)

2) Profit Cuts (grades 4-6)

3) Ebb and Flow (grades 7-9)

4) Signing A Big Contract (grades 4-6)

5) Quick Sand Companions (grades 7-9)

An altered version of the example puzzle Quick Sand Companions was published in The Guardian's puzzle blog by Alex Bellos in December 2015. It performed 4th most successful article with >250k views and thousands of comments.
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