Signing A Big Contract (example puzzle)

The pottery on the North Pole has landed a big contract. The cafeteria in the Christmas gift factory needs 5,000 new dishes as soon as possible.

Elf Arman is the creative director of the pottery. He is assigned to create a design that is easy to apply by the pottery elves and looks good at the same time. He’s got an idea: “What, if I let the dish spin on one of the potter’s wheels and paint it with just one stroke. That would be very easy indeed…”

So, he spins the dish counter-clockwise. Then he takes a brush and applies one straight stroke from the top rim to the center of the dish.

Looking from above: which of the four designs in the picture has Arman created?

04 4-6_11_MiA_Toepferscheibe_corr.png

a)  Design a)

b)  Design b)

c)  Design c)

d)  Design d)

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