Profit Cuts (example puzzle)

Elf Balduin is in charge of all statistics in the elf administration. In his position he knows about all the important numbers regarding life and work in the elf village. Just now, he popped into the workspace of the elves that gift-wrap the newly produced Christmas gifts: “My dear wrapping elves, this is no longer acceptable!”

The elves stopped wrapping and looked at each other. “I have calculated that we waste too much paper”, Balduin continues. “We need to be more efficient – it’s expensive and we’re cutting down trees in vain!”

Oswald has a sheet of wrapping paper in his hands. It’s a 1m x 1m square. As he has to gift-wrap both small and large gifts today, he thinks about how to cut it in a way that uses the most paper and leaves the least leftovers.

For wrapping the small gifts he needs cuts of 30 cm x 25 cm size, for the large gifts he needs cuts of 65 cm x 30 cm size.

Which is the combination of cuts that saves the most paper, leaving the smallest area of all leftover paper put together?

4-6_07_Pangsy_Papier sparen.jpg

a) 12 small gifts

b) 2 large gifts and 6 small gifts

c) 4 large gifts and 1 small gift

d) 3 large gifts and 4 small gifts

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