The Mathe im Advent school competitions

Mathe im Advent offers puzzles for two age groups: All students from grades 4 to 6 and 7 to 9 respectively can take part in the individual or class competition. These age groups are critical, as positive and negative experiences have a particularly powerful impact on their emotional and trend-setting decision for or against mathematics. In the individual competition, every kid plays against all other German speaking students in their respective age group. In the end, they can download a certificate stating their track record and success. The best participants can hope for winning one of the attractive prices like laptops, tablet computers, cameras, etc..

All students can also take part in a class competition, which is awarding the best classes in German speaking countries. Teachers get involved, as they register their classes and invite the kids to play along. Best classes also receive prizes, which benefit all members of the group. This part particularly motivates all students to engage in the mathematical exercises and develop extra endurance.

Specially gifted puzzlers from grades 2 and 3 can take part in a separate "jump starter" category. Everybody else can join "Mathe im Advent" with a "just for fun"-account. Participation in the individual competition (and outside of competition) is free for everybody. Registration for the class competition comes with a registration fee of max. 2€ per student.

At the end of January, all winners are invited to a big award ceremony. This is a live event at a Berlin University with entertaining maths show. Every year, more than 500 kids come to Berlin with their parents, teachers, and classmates. On this occasion, also the best schools are honoured, and the patrons and sponsors are acclaimed for their support. This event is hosted together with Mathematical Research Center MATHEON, who organizes a similar calendar for especially gifted students from graduation years (grades 10+).

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